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Heads-up: Mobile/tablet versions of the site aren't fully implemented yet (our priority is gathering game info right now), so some things will look broken or missing; you're better off with a desktop view if possible. Thanks!

Where do I find a particular temtem?

We're in the process of gathering location data for each available temtem. Location info will be added to each temtem's page over time.

If you're looking for a Barnshe in particular (for the early quest The Denizan Icarus), they're a very rare encounter on the roof of the Windward Ruins. Don't do what we did and accidentally knock them out (twice) before catching!

How do I emote or chat?

Emotes are within the menu, but can be quickly accessed on PC by pressing Q to bring up the emote wheel.

Chat has been disabled while Crema (the game devs) build out a more robust chat with multiple channels, such as local, club (guild), and trade channels. We don't have a timeline for this yet.

Where can I catch digital temtem?

Digital temtem aren't available yet.

I saw someone with a Pocus, where do I get one?

You don't. Hocus and Pocus aren't available yet outside of an exploit to reach areas you're not supposed to get to yet. As exploits are bannable, you probably shouldn't risk going for one, even through a trade.

Where do I get my crystal skates back?

Currently, you can't. Once you've lost the skates, there's no way of getting them back. Avoid going to the third island until you're happy that you've farmed everything that requires crystal skates (such as the four-leaf clover) or makes those areas easier to access (such as Anak Volcano). Yes, this is pretty terrible game design, especially not to give advance warning and choice that you're about to be locked out of certain content, but there's nothing that can be done for now.

What are SVs and TVs?

Single Values, or SVs, are randomly rolled between 1-50 for each stat on each wild temtem. These can be increased through items, and temtem can inherit parental SVs via breeding to help min-max the process.

Training Values, or TVs, are a pool of stat points that contribute to any of a temtem's stats. Temtem gain TVs by consuming fruit items or by defeating wild temtem, each of which grant different TV amounts on defeat (these are listed on their individual pages). A temtem may have a total of 1,000 accrued TVs, with a maximum of 500 in any one stat; certain consumables remove TVs so that they can be allocated elsewhere.

How do I get a luma temtem?

Lumas are very, very rare — their odds are estimated at 1 in 6,000. If you have a particular temtem that you love and really want the luma for, you're going to have to spend a long time their spawn area; be prepared for a very long grind.

Once you start getting lumas, breeding them significantly improves the odds that their children will also be luma.

How do I make more money?

The main way to earn money early on is by catching and releasing temtem. Use standard temcards, weaken and freeze/sleep wild temtem to make them easier to catch, and just release them once caught. The FreeTem company will pay you for each released.

Once you've gotten a number of temtem with great stats and a decent stockpile to spend on items, breeding and trading strong temtem to other players is the biggest moneymaker. An auction house is planned for the game but isn't available yet; you'd need to use the game's Discord or Reddit, or a broker such as Tangent.

When will you add [feature] to the site?

You can see our planned progress on our development board.

Is there anything I can do to help the site?

Yes! If you have details on things we're missing, such as any techniques we don't have the right info for then tweeting us a screenshot @temtemgg would be very useful!

If you're a Temtem streamer, you're allowed to use our logo and either link to us through a panel or use it within your overlay, as long as you're not implying or pretending that we're sponsoring you (we can't afford that!). You can use this image.

If you want to leave a small tip to say thanks and to help with site costs, you can use our new ko-fi page ❤️

How do I contact

If you want to contact us about details on our site, such as missing or outdated info, the fastest way would be to tweet us @temtemgg with details (such as a screenshot of the correct information).

You can find me (the site developer) running around on Temtem as Boss — you'll probably find me in the volcano — be sure to give me a friendly wave if you see me!

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